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I don't understand how you can be an MRA and be homophobic.

October 17, 2022

It just doesn't make sense. Gay men are also men and the homophobia they face is intertwined misandry. Misandry is also the reason why gay/bi men face more discrimination than gay/bi women. The stigma against gay men and the idea that they arent real men are all inherently misandrist. How can you be an MRA and not support another oppressed group of men just because they like the same gender? Men need to lift eachother up and not shame eachother.

Most homophobic jokes are also misandrist. Gay men face many stereotypes which come from the fact that they're men, for example that they're predators. Also most straight men are discouraged from feeling comfortable and empowered in their sexuality (also misandry) because look at gay men who are fine with being openly sexually, they're shamed (also obviously homophobia in general plays a huge part) but lots of women complain about women's sexual liberty and how women couldn't show their sexuality in the 50s but men have never been able to do that and when they do it in the same way women do, like gay men, they're shamed and called disgusting.

Gay men deserve to be stood up for.

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