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I feel young boys are groomed to be fine with (older) women taking advantage of them

April 2, 2022

Boys are over sexualised as children with people making comments about how they're going to get loads of girls and stuff like that. I saw a video on here of a little boy looking at half naked girls on the beach and the comments were filled with people making sexual comments like "he knows what he wants" which, to me, is extremely inappropriate.

Many young boys don't think twice when an older woman approaches them in a sexual manor because they're taught that more sex = more of a man and that sex is an achievement that they should strive to achieve to the point where many men feel pressured into saying yes and men who don't have sex are shamed.

I've had many guys talk to me about experiences where a woman practically r4pes/sexually assaults or takes advantage of them but it seems like they don't care or that they don't even realise.

Women should not get away with this, even if they "liked" what happened, those women are still creeps who should be held accountable but they're not because boys aren't taught to have boundaries and that their consent matters but they're taught that sex is something they should always want that proves they're a more dominant male. Sex should not define a man's worth.

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