I just got called a rapist on Reddit because I was talking about the prevalence of false rape accusations

December 9, 2019

A little bit ironic, isn't it?

This is actually the second time they did it. The first time they implied that anyone who talked about false rape allegations was a potential rapist. The second time they singled me out specifically and said I was either a moron or a rapist.

Here is their comment towards me. They are comparing sexual assault against the rate of false allegations. Which is a topic that they brought up and kept going back to.

One issue is a serious problem that our society continuously denies. One is a load of bullshit that gets signal boosted as a reaction to the first issue gaining traction.

If you are seriously concerned about false rape accusations as a social issue, you are a moron or a rapist.

My response:

They are both serious problems.

People deny the existence of false allegations far more often than they deny the problems associated with sexual assault though.

A lot of people also deny the prevalence of female-on-male rape, and the harm that it causes.

Again though you can talk about one without also downplaying the other. I'm not saying that one is more or less important and therefore doesn't need to be talked about.

Again, this appears to be your strategy.

And again, this appears to be because of projection on your part.

you are a moron or a rapist.

This is exactly why so many people accuse other people of rape. They get upset and they use it as a weapon against someone who they're mad at.

Just the other day it came out that a man was falsely accused because he refused to have sex with a woman. He turned her down, said he didn't want to have sex with her, and she accused him of rape out of spite.

Of course there are people who deny that things like this happen. Which is an issue that we've already been discussing.

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