Let's break this down. Males commit suicide 3-4 times more often than woman, so..

Man: Dies

Woman: Wants to die for 30 years, talks to over 100 therapists about it and thus ends up overcoming her suicidal ideation at age 50 and goes on to live to 100, enjoying 50 years of a joyful and meaningful life.

The entire field of Psychology: Well, we know the woman was suicidal. Look at the depth of insight we have into her mind from 30 years of therapy! She felt SO open to talk about her feelings and we helped her SO much! Unfortunately though, she did attempt suicide twice. Granted, it's not like she shot herself in the head and got lucky and survive it. On the first one, she told ER doctors that she took a few pills and felt like her life was meaningless, and the other time she felt really REALLY bad about a break up. I mean she felt REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. In fact, she was convinced that she was dying from it! She INSISTED that both of these experiences were bona fide suicide attempts. So yea she definitely checked ALL of our boxes. Poor lady. THIRTY YEARS she went through this! On the other hand, the man committed suicide at age 18 without ever even trying therapy, and so we actually no longer have any record that he ever existed in the first place. So mark it down: one suicidal woman and one possibly suicidal man.

Seriously, how else does a university professor possibly get it in her head that females are more suicidal?