If he sucks up your time rather than enriching it, he's low value

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So, it's 1.30pm where I am, and so far this weekend, I have:

Cleaned the house
Done a 5k trail run
Baked banana bread
Listened to a few chapters of an audiobook (fiction) and read a few chapters of another (biography)
Video called a friend
Had coffee with my family
Applied a deep conditioning mask to my hair and done my nails
Listened to a podcast
Played with my dog
Watched an amazing movie called The Wife (an FDS cautionary tale in how sacrificing your dreams and building up a LVM will emotionally destroy you)

This evening, I'm going to do yoga and then cook a seafood risotto and pair it with a nice wine.

When I was with my ex, he always wanted to sleep in until approaching midday on Sundays, have sex (that lasted two minutes - he came, I didn't) and sit around the house watching Netflix all day. I wasted 9 months with this bore when I could have been in my own house, adding value to my life.

If a man is not actively enriching your time and making the hours you spend together worthwhile and meaningful, he's a LVM. His lack of productivity and purpose will rub off on you and your life will suffer as a result.