I'm really mad, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. So basically, yesterday I created a men's rights insta page, I tried as hard as possible to mimic the schools feminist clubs page (yes we have one, and I know it's disgraceful). I woke up this morning and went to school ready to have a great day. I go to my first class to be greeted by my humanities teacher, well this is odd, I thought. It wasn't humanities period after all... The teacher then proceeded to tell me and a couple friends that the schools feminist club has complained about our page and is bringing it to administration. They're claiming we "harassed" them when in reality all we did was mimic their account and make a post about how we have more followers than them in one day, obviously as a joke. I know we may have disrespected them, but c'mon, that's far from harassment. Nothing has happened yet, but we are trying to get in contact with them (something they didnt do at all before going to administration) because we want to sort this whole thing out. I'll add updates as the case advances.