EDIT: Wasn't expecting this to kinda blow up so some clarification

1: They are portraying the young men/teenagers as sex hungry people who will do anything to get sex. Even going as far as having them joke about it in the demonstration video. Like such, Boy A: Damn bro this girl wont have sex with me! Haha wouldn't it be funny to rape her hahaha lmao. Boy B: Hahahaha yeah lmao.

2: They are making the boys appear as dumb as a literal caveman. Like "ooga booga stds? Me no care" and when they aren't portrayed like that on the rare occasion they are meant to be like someone who is literally a virgin.

3: If you're wondering why I don't just tell my parents "eff it sue em" 1; Yes my parents know about this shit too and are disgusted by it and want it to stop. 2; I live in a shitty place and we're poor so can't afford to an there would be no financial gain as the school is in shit tons of debt. 3; The school has a history of shrugging of shit like this.