I we by to UC Irvine and got an MFA at cal arts. Female professors began promoting their girlfriends and now the whole system is focused on race and women solely. Want to discuss physics? You must talk about gay or female physics.

It's not even a joke. I was targeted for talking about being abused by females or using facts, history, and logic in my papers. I succeed by proving my points while retaining compassion for fenale causes.

However l, the sheer male hatred all the time is exhausting. For example, I took an experimental cinema class where we didn't watch any experimental film but instead watched classical Hollywood films to show how men objectify women. They never ever mention how women like angler fish use the male gaze to manipulate men and have them sacrifice for the female.

We need more balance at universities. Their rigid and limited point of view does a disservice to young men and women. It's not real. They've taken equality and now use a sue tactics to stay in lower and manipulate the youth.