Afterall Mary is the Queen of Heaven and practically is a Goddess yet Catholicism emphasizes gender roles. However in Catholic countries even the most violent macho man submits to their mothers.

The most aggressive expansion of the Roman Empire was when the female Capitone Wolf who mothered over Romulus and Remus was revered as the top deity. When the Roman empire begins to slow down expansion and eventually halt, it was masculine gods like Mars who become top dog........... Despite ironically Rome starting to with experience rise of liberal stuff like feminism, widespread acceptance of LGBT, demolishing traditional strict social caste hierarchy, etc. When Capitoline Wolf was the most revered Goddess, Rome was at its stricted about social caste system forcing women into the kitchen and arranged marriages, homophobia, men being masculine soldiers and glorifying heavy manual laborers, etc.

Simultaneously its when cultures are at the highest level of backwardness and sexism esp those violently savage that women are the mentally strongest. Look at the most violent cultures which also often are the most sexist. Under Genghis Khan and various Mongolic tribes before that, women made the vanguard of the defenders of their tribes esp when Mongol men were out waging war far away from home and Mongol culture has a system of training women in how to shoot arrows with a bow and fight with swords and spears. Hell women themselves did hunting frequently to the point some lower social castes did just as much hunting as men did.

Japan before 1945 was infamously sexist but you had the entire nation's population of women making spears out of wood and random materials and preparing to charge at American soldiers armed with guns as well as do suicide bombings with grenades as Japan was preparing to defend itself from American invasion.

Hell despite all the sexism the Middle Eastern nations get criticized for, you commonly have women in Afghanistan WEARING VEILS COVERING THEIR FACES frequently pick up machine guns and defend their children from raiders from other clans as well as forming a local police force in town when other clans decide to do full invasions. ISIS had its own female military death squad and in Israel most terrorist attacks are done by female Palestinians pulling a knife out of knowhere and attacking a surprised IDF grunt patrolling. Suicide bombings are almost roughly equal between male and females.

In traditional Scottish culture women do heavy farming too and indeed if you search into the Medieval era, women were working on farms too. Granted doing easier work like picking apples up for most kingdoms but in the most impoverished regions of Medieval Europe you find a rough equal number of women doing heavy farm labor like chopping wood and plowing the field as men esp during times of war like the Dark Ages.

In the most conservative parts of the USA are basically farm regions where many women have no other options but to do farm labor in order to support the family.

And we're not counting how its the mother who takes the business and handles the finances and property after the husband dies and even when the husband was alive they often assisted doing the same tasks as their blacksmith husband or store owning sibling when they were free from looking after kids and had completed today's kitchen duties.

But here is the kicker, the Elephant in the Room nobody wants to talk about.........................

In the most conservative of societies, masculine macho boys who are the type to go around womanizing random girls and force their sisters into arranged marriage and oppose letting women into the work force.......... Are the MOST SUBMISSIVE to their mothers. No matter how sexist Colombia and Brazil and other Latin American countries are, the elder man even as old as into their late 20s to early 30s submit to their mothers and its not uncommon for the matriarch to end up even to force their masculine adult son to give the finances and other management to them where the mothers themselves will handle it. A mother has far more power over her blood son in Italy, Mexico, and other conservative societies than the uncle, son-in-laws, and other males and have equal influence as the father of the household. Only the grandfather and higher forefathers (esp if its the mother's own dad) has more power than a woman has over her children.

And this all makes sense when you realize Italy and South America are predominantly Catholic and you see which religious normal human has the highest rank in that religion.

I forgot to mention in Japanese religion the highest ranked deity is a Sun Goddess and the feminine moon is also almost as equally important in the Japanese psyche as the Sun is.

So the assumption all traditional conservative societies are as brutal towards and controlling of women as Saudi Arabia is utter nonsense. Esp whenever civilized society full of women who often complains about sexism always end up fighting warrior women when they clash with backwards savages who are technically more sexist than the civilized are.

Women in Rome had more property rights and other modern feminist desires than any other civilization of their time despite Roman intellectuals complaining about sexism. Yet when the Romans invaded places north and East of England like Wales, they were shocked at how the women are savage fighters and the pattern was no Roman soldier ever engaged in war rape because the women are the ones directly charging at Roman troops with swords and knives and surprisingly killing Roman soldiers. Unlike the rest of the Empire where Romans often captured female civilians and sold them to slavery and ended a battle by breaking into homes and raping local inhabitants as seen in the conquest of Gaul, in the rest of Britain outside of England the policy was kill woman on site because they probably had a weapon concealed and were getting ready to stab any Roman soldier who gets horny at her site and approaches her.

It was even a female women of the Pict tribe of Scotland who led armies that defeated Roman attempts to conquer that place. in Northern Germany which can never be colonized by Rome, women often threw javelins in support of Germanic warriors during battles against Romans and Roman soldiers were surprised at how despite the strict sexist rules Germanic women did farming and blacksmithing and chopping wood and other stuff that Romans thought were strictly for men.

So its pretty nonsense how rightpillers and other rightist assume all women did in backwards savage cultures was just stay at home and cook food and knit clothes and that it was as simplistic as women submit to men since considering in a typical family in Mexico, a widowed matriarch has the most power and macho violent young men are completely submissive to his very traditional anti-feminist Latina mother and how in Imperial Japan women were prepared to blow themselves up to take out American tanks with grenades..........

At the same time SJWs and liberals are extremely naive in assuming that women having power is a new thing and that if women are matriarchs or if a Goddess was the most worshipped deity, society would suddenly open complete equality between genders. In reality the most sexist backwards cultures are the MOST MATRIARCHAL and commonly had female rulers esp in lower aristocracy like barons and earls. Mary as the Queen of Heaven and often being worshipped as equally as Jesus Christ, in some cultures like Ecuador even more than Jesus, is proof of how women in power won't bring about gender equality and nor does men being in power inherently makes violent macho womanizing men as seen in how Italy is famous for guys who womanize and treat their girlfriends even wives in some of the more conservative ethnicities yet submit fully to their mothers.