Inherent biases in "positivity messages"

June 9, 2021

This graphic got posted on r/malementalhealth a while back, and one of the comments got me thinking.

It's about "self-soothing" and contains ideas to help you relax:

I won't say that it's "feminine" but it definitely lacks quite a few things that might be a little more appealing towards men.

Someone added these to the list, for example:

building, puzzle solving, gaming, fishing, hunting, exercise, shooting, brawling, trekking, etc

Now in the grand scheme of things I don't think this is a big issue of discrimination or anything. But I think there is a pattern where a lot of this self-help and positivity stuff seems geared more towards woman.

And then we wonder why men seem to be alienated and not as involved with their mental health.

Well when you consider that stuff like this usually misses the mark with men, AND that we tend to attack and victim blame men for not seeking help or going to therapy (for example by calling them toxic), I think it starts to make sense why we see fewer men interested and involved with their mental health as we do women.

That said, I think I've seen some progress and acceptance towards masculine interpretations of mental health recently. r/StandAloneMen is doing pretty good at that, for example. At a certain point, men need to celebrate their stoic, "rough and tumble" nature, and I think we need to reappropriate some of the harmful messaging about us in society that views those qualities in men as negative.

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