Hey, Men! I'm new to Reddit but very happy to see a community like this one exists. My name is Marissa. I'm a bestselling author and I'm working on a book right now on sex, gender, and oppression.

I am very interested to hear from men on ways in which you might feel oppressed by society, since men are so often viewed as "privileged" oppressors, dominators, and aggressors. Men are not typically given a platform to speak about their feelings or forms of oppression and discrimination that they might experience.

If you would like to offer some perspective on this topic to be included in my book, please comment on this post or send me a private message.

I won't include anyone's name or username. But I will need from you the following: your age, gender, sexual orientation, and city/state (these are the only details that will be printed along with your confession).

I really look forward to reading these. Thanks so much in advance :).