One of the things the Gillette commercial has had me thinking of is this. The P&G Boycott is a great step. But I’m wondering if we could take it further.

I’m not suggesting anything long or drawn out or even open.

Just a quiet day where all the men who’ve had enough of the double standards, elementary school lectures, and general condescension all called in as one.

Everyone. Doctors? Just refuse to see drop ins. Feel free to focus on the most vulnerable, follow your path. Lawyers, Do what you need for your client, but push off things on this one day. Teachers, call in unless your kids are up for an exam soon. Mechanics? Call in and let everyone change their own stuff. Shop staff? Call in or slow down service.

What I’m getting at is that we can bring a lot to a halt without violating our codes of conduct.

Let’s pick a day. February 15th?