Fought for 50/50 physical and legal. Got it after 18 months; along with right of first refusal which became affective only for school and work over two hours. Her attorney is the one that recommended it in the original agreement; there is also a stipulation directed towards the father only(me) that If I’m working a night shift I can’t have 50% of the overnights. The judge said if I’m not available in the night the our child should be with the other parent, “that’s what is fair.” My ex was deliberately breaking the right of first refusal when she’d commute to her university 45 minutes away being gone for 6+ hours a day mon-thur. I took her back to court. We met with the judge in his office without our attorneys. She wanted to remove right of first refusal, I didn’t. I requested her school schedule for the following semester so we wouldn’t have any misunderstandings of when she was there. She is never honest with me so I thought the court would force her hand. The judge asked her when she could provide said schedule and she provided a date. I walked out of there with the understanding that she would be required to submit her schedule to her attorney’s office to forward to mine. It’s now past that date and I got a letter in the mail from my attorney. ITS FROM THE JUDGE AND IT SAYS I AGREED TO REMIVE THE RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL WHICH I DID NOT DO. Are my feelings of discrimination legitimate or am I irrationally frustrated?