I’m very glad to have found this subreddit. I’m just relieved to know there’s a movement for men’s rights. I looked for it because I felt alone. I feel like feminism has a reached a point of toxicity. Susan b Anthony already did what she did and that was great! Feminism was good originally but how many equal rights can someone gain before they’re superior. All the laws are in place for an equal society so why is there still a feminism movement even going on anymore. I don’t think susan b Anthony really wanted people to abuse her name and cause in order to get away with stepping on the toes of men all over the world. I need to vent about it. I’m just so mad right now because I feel like I can’t get a break from feminism, it’s everywhere I go! My girlfriend has some crazy beliefs, double standards, and guilt trips me in the name of feminism. I see toxic feminism all over social media. So much more. Feminism is not what it used to be and there is no need for feminists anymore. It even got to the point that people created a men’s rights movements. Count me in boys, what can I do to help support the cause?