Without going into too much detail, my ex-fiancée and I have had numerous legal battles over the last year concerning our infant son. She terminated the relationship halfway through the pregnancy and more or less told me that she would raise the baby without me. I successfully took her to court and was granted joint custody. For the past five months, he has split his time evenly between two parents.

I have petitioned to change his last name to mine, as his mother wouldn’t allow it at birth. I am wondering how successful you guys think my petition will be.

Things worth mentioning: I am the plan holder for the medical insurance that covers him as a dependent, I have no criminal conviction (or even a speeding ticket) on my record, I signed his birth certificate and the mother has signed a form acknowledging that I am the biological father. I’m hoping that at worst the judge decides to hyphenate the name so that my name is still on his birth certificate. Has anyone successfully won a name change petition in a similar situation before?