I have a friend with a 4 year old daughter. Him and the baby momma have a 50/50 shared custody order. There has been some legal problems in the past with the child ending up in foster care for a short period of time due to an investigation into the mother being abusive. On several occasions the mother has refused to meet up at neutral ground (the police station) for the exchange. My friend has called the police to do a wellness check on each occasion in order to document her disobedience of a court order. The police have refused to do anymore checks or file any more police reports stating this is a civil custody matter. My friend does not have the money to go back to court and have the order rewritten. What advice or resources can you guys direct me to in order to help him out. We live in Dayton, Ohio btw.

TL:DR; Need advice or resources for friends baby momma violating visitation order.