The belief that men are obliged to protect women and children in situations like war, accidents, natural calamities etc is disgusting. It is not my responsibilty to protect a dying women or child who would most likely never do the same for me. Same goes for what women call 'bystander effect'. It is not my responsibility to risk my life to save a girl who is getting assaulted in any form. I would rather have the thugs assault her than me. Same goes for your siblings. You don't have any obligation to protect your sister who is most likely living a much easier life in this era of reservations/affirmative action. She is also a lot easier time finding a partner who earns more than her/looks better than her as compared to you and thus, is not your responsibility. Plus, all the laws and their interpretations by the law enforcement are favourable to her. The only reason I'd help her or any female relative if they are honourable conservative women.

I have always helped any fellow man with in emotional or financial need. I do this for them because I am sure, majority of them would do this for me. In fact, I always got support from my male peers and colleagues. The only reason to do this for a woman is if she share your ideals, values etc and you are 100% sure about it. Otherwise, it's fair to assume that person will most likely do the contrary for you.

I would advise most men to see this world from an egocentric view. You are living this one life. Your parents are the only ones who deserve some return as they have provided for your education. You should not waste this life providing for people who most probably won't do the same for you. So, it is important to always see your benefit in any situation and act accordingly. And, always stand for your tribe, if the members stand for its values.