The number of women who have undergone FGM is about 200 million. Source: UNICEF.

In Indonesia almost 95% of women have undergone FGM. Source: WIKI

In Indonesia, there are 135 million women. Source:

This means that more than half of all women with FGM are from Indonesia. In other words, typical FGM = FGM in Indonesia. Right?

So, what is typical FGM in Indonesia?

Well, as it turns out, typical FGM type in Indonesia is either, in majority of cases, "ritual nick" (small cut across clitoris) or, reduction of clitoral hood.

Both of these procedures are less severe than typical male circumcision. I don't even wanna discuss this.

So, yes, typical FGM on this planet is less severe than typical MGM on this planet.

So, no, MRM has absolutely no reason to beg for breadcrumbs and plead that "yes, FGM is worse, but let's ban both".

MRM position on this issue should be resolute: MGM IS WORSE THAN FGM. PERIOD!!!