I'm a 29 year old guy. Been openly gay since I was 12. When I say gay, I don't mean a stereotypical obnoxious, narcissistic attention seeker at "pride" (shame). I mean I am just a regular guy who happens to be into guys. If you passed me in the street, you would just think me any normal bloke and if you remain a regular associate of mine it's highly likely a few years before the penny drops and you realise I'm gay.

I want all of you to know that all men (and women in fact, but this is not about them) share the burden of the current social climate. I hate being lumped in with the "gay community" because to me it's gone so loopy and so far aligned with feminist/gender ideology that to be associated with it is an embarrassment. Please understand there are countless other gay men just like me who are the silent majority. We aren't all insufferable narcissists trying to join the coven.

I've been in a stable relationship with my partner for 5 years now and we really do have the most wonderful, equal and loving relationship. Both of us are so aghast at the current state of "liberal" politics to the point we've resolved to eventually getting a place in the country and becoming self-sufficient so we can watch the world burn from afar.

Just want this to be clear - gay men are men too - and we see and experience the same bullshit and bigotry as you even though we don't necessarily experience parental alienation etc as much. We are all men and we are on the same side!