At least PBS recognizes the gender discrimination unlike the ACLU, which seems to only have a problem with it because they view it as targeting racial minorities and Muslims.

"The American Civil Liberties Union, which has opposed the program since its inception, described it as a “failed counterterrorism tool and massive profiling program that didn’t yield a single terrorism conviction in nearly a decade.” “With this action, the U.S. is on the right path to protect Muslim and Arab immigrants from discrimination,” said Joanne Lin, the organization’s senior legislative counsel."

"Trump never publicly spoke about introducing such a program. But a close adviser, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, said last month he was in favor of launching an updated system for all foreigners from “high-risk” areas."

I'm not sure what to make of this mostly because I haven't formulated an informed opinion on the registry because until now I didn't know it existed, but I think it's important to point out. Do you think by all he means women too? What does it say that his administration is considering dropping the gender discriminatory aspect of the law? What does it means that Trump isn't willing to assume that all women are sugar and spice and everything nice?