I've noticed that a lot of people with (what I am going to call) 'old fashioned' views often get downvoted in to oblivion. You know, the 'It's all men's fault through the patriarchy' nonsense, often with a heavy side of #toxicmasculinity.

I feel that a lot of time this leads to a (to quote Arnie) teachable moment. If we bury people with downvotes they, and the rebuttals, get disappeared. They also get rate limited by Reddit.

Remember you debate not to convince the person you are arguing with, but instead to convince the audience. By downvoting you stop people from seeing the rebuttals to the common claims people make.

Feminist ideology can only exist where it controls the narrative. We need to present the counter-narrative, not just try to win through the hecklers veto as that doesn't help anyone.

So don't downvote because you disagree. If someone is sitting at -4 upvote them if it will help others see why they are wrong. We should have to defend our views with argument, not suppression and if we cannot defend our views this way we should not hold them.