So i often see this come up and I just wanna address this as someone that is interested in the topic for years and have been active in the movement both formally and informally without giving too much information about who I am.

One thing that comes up over and over again is how men feel like they cant show emotions or be vulnerable in front of people. MRAs and feminists both claim this has to do with social pressures. Some have argued that men should start showing their emotions more to combat this stigma, while others rightly point out that showing too much vulnerability for men comes as the cost of losing the respect of both other men and women. We have all encountered the hypocritical feminist that on the one hand says men should show more emotions but mocks them when they do, just look at their reactions to men speaking out against the commercial.

My solution is not a new one it is actually old and it comes down to MANAGING your emotions. This means picking a time, place and people to show certain emotions. For instance, a man that remains calm during a terrorist attack and helps to protect himself and his lover but later cries in his/her arms from the stress of the situation will still have the respect of that person because they will see how you as a man were able to hold it together when it mattered but still felt safe enough with them to be vulnerable when the danger has passed. It's that simple. I've seen it myself when I was able to protect myself and my gf from a mugging but later had a mild panic attack. The sex was insane.

So men, dont feel like you cant show your emotions please do it's good for you but if you're worried about how people will see you pick a time, place and person to do it around. This is how we can be men and not apologize for it.