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Opinions needed. Guy in my hotel lobby kicked out for calling someone on hotel phone about being raped.

November 15, 2020

Just checked into my hotel at 11:45pm. In the lobby a guy is hysterical, sounding drunk, but clearly communicating loudly on the house phone to someone that he needs an Uber to a bus station because he’d just been raped.

Hotel security is forcefully shouting that he needs to leave because he’s loud and inappropriate. I, checking in, look at hotel staff and ask if he’s being helped or is okay. Desk concierge says she has no idea where he came from. Also, hotel concierge is black, guy is black, I’m white. Then guy getting kicked out starts manically screaming about white people this, white people that. Despite any of this, whether he’s fucked up or not, no one, not one hotel employee seems to care enough to dignify his claims, call police for a testimony or even bats an eye. My fiancée is tearing up because she thinks he’s a delusional drug addict, she’s dated one and feels awful for the guy regardless of rape or drugs, etc.

Should this situation have been addressed the same if a girl was sobbing in the lobby over a rape claim? How the hell does anyone just say, oh, you’re a dude, you’re black, get out. Guy straight up just blanket insulted me as a whit guy, but who cares? Was he raped? It’s not up to me, my fiancée or the apathetic hotel staff. Anyone think I’m overthinking this? What would you have done?

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