"Tom also found it difficult to prove that he was being victimized, as police and court officials simply would not believe that this was the case. They would not even respond when he contacted them and asked them to drive to his home and experience her violent outbursts first hand."

‘Nobody would help me! No police, court or counselor believed me’. In Africa he was desperate enough to seek out a Juju, which was a traditional or voodoo doctor to cast a spell on his abusive wife. Dick cried when he told of this incident during the interview, which was testament to his desperation to seek help from any source he could find to end his victimisation.

His abuser phoned the police on several occasions claiming that she was the victim of abuse. Upon arrival of the police, Harry would remain calm while she accused him of violence. Fortunately he was never arrested as they could see the extent of his injuries and left without interference.

Paul experienced several occasions where the police officers would arrive at his home, after he had contacted them for help with his abuser’s violence and destruction of property, and they would proceed to drive away so that they would not have to deal with the domestic violence.

I have had an experience where the South African Police Service came to my assistance to witness the attitude and intoxicated state of the abuser and after some discussion with her finally simply issued a stern warning. -Peter