I won't name any names in this, for obvious reasons. Some years back, it was my job to help a man get his security system up and running, including cameras. What was going on was he was recently divorced and had visitation rights with his 13 year-old daughter. However, his vindictive and hateful ex wife was trying to destroy his visitation rights, and his relationship with his daughter altogether.

For those of you not familiar with security cameras, let me explain. There are two basic approaches to making recordings. 1. You could have cameras that use motion detection to choose whether to record. No motion = no recording, but if someone walks in front of the camera, it triggers motion and you thus get a clip that gets placed on the cloud. The idea is to only record what's relevant. There is no continuous recording. 2. Continuous recording to an SVR. As the name suggests, this type of system records continuously and keeps the video saved to a hard drive on an SVR, a device similar to the DVR that you use to record TV.

So my job was to get this gentleman's cameras converted over from the motion-based recording system to a continuous SVR-based one. His reason for wanting the change was simple. His ex wife was falsely accusing him of molesting their 13 year-old daughter. He felt the need to have positive proof that he was doing no such thing. I knew for a fact he wasn't. If he were doing that, the continuous video would prove that he was. But he wanted the video system just to get the courts to believe him. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Of course, there are some rooms where you typically would not want to have cameras recording, such as the bathroom and the bedroom. So his plan was to keep the door to the bedroom locked so that she could not go in there even if she wanted to. Then if she went to the bathroom, he would stay in view of one of the cameras.

I felt bad for the guy, but I was glad to help him defend himself. I also made sure to state that I'm not a lawyer, but rather a security specialist. I could help him set up his system and learn how to use it, but I also strongly recommended that he speak with his lawyer to make sure that his strategies were sound.

I never did find out what happened with this gentleman. Once my job of getting his system up and running was over, I was no longer in touch with him. The security dealer was then taking over the monitoring of his system.

However, there is one thing I've noticed. When I relay this story to let feminists know that, yes, false accusations are a real thing that sometimes can happen, they act hostile. I've been accused of being a "rape apologist" for trying to help an innocent man defend himself. I can only imagine the vitriol his lawyer must get. The "believe all women" slogan is nonsense. There is no group of people on this Earth that never lies and is never mistaken. And just because I helped one man to protect himself does not mean I have any sympathy for actual rapists.

Another job I had was to set up an SVR and cameras for a high school teacher to use in his classroom, especially for when he did one-on-one consultations with his students. He was an unmarried man like me, and was often met with unwarranted suspicion. With cameras constantly rolling, he had the ability to prove his innocence if he needed to. Those SVRs don't have unlimited space, btw. They usually have a 1, 2, or 4 terabyte hard drive. Depending on the resolution and the number of cameras hooked up to it, it will typically have something like 30 or 60 days worth of footage. So I had to help the teacher set up a backup system as well, a RAID device that could hold a massive amount of data. That way he could be protected if someone accused him of molesting them 2 years ago or something. But even then, there was still the possible danger of footage getting destroyed in a disaster such as a fire or a flood.

What's very disturbing is the number of times I've had conversations with feminists about the importance of due process, and the fact that false accusations are real. Most of the time, the feminist has shown no concern for the protection of innocent men. It's baffling to me how some people will take my view that "you need to protect the innocent from false accusations" to mean "I'm fine with women getting raped." I don't see any logical correlation to that.

Camera systems can help innocent men, but they have their limitations. If their footage is lost, they can't protect you. If the power goes out and any backup power runs out, they stop recording. They also only protect in specific areas. That man could only see his 13 year-old daughter in his own home where he knew he was protected. So much for taking a father/daughter trip to a park or an amusement park or God forbid a road trip.

This is just a small sample of people I've helped with security systems. This is getting long. But suffice it to say, I've needed to help men in many more situations than the ones described here. In my own life, I've also experienced people automatically assuming I'm some kind of predator. People flipped out when I went to a national park with a DSLR camera and a long lens. I was there to photograph birds, but people assumed I was some kind of perv who wanted pictures of their kids.

I'd doubt I'm the only one with stories like this. These stories are real. And I've got a bunch more.

TL;DR: I needed to protect a man from false rape accusations by using continuous feed security cameras.