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PSA: "Female Only Listings" on Rental Directories like AirBnB potentially ILLEGAL.

October 24, 2022

It has come to our attention that many rental directories are listing "Female Only".

This is not just extremely sexist and unethical - it's actually potentially illegal. We need to start standing up as men against these sexist institutions. Under the Fair Housing Act - it's illegal to discriminate against gender unless in VERY specific instances (like for example, finding a roommate or in owner occupied housing).

How can we organize against this discrimination against men?

  1. Report discrimination on AirBnB, VRBO, Craigslist, etc to the site. Tell the administration that you believe the listing to be sexist.
  2. If you believe a listing to be against Fair Housing Act - report it to the housing authorities and demand that they take action against the landlord.
  3. Boycott sexist platforms and don't give them your business.

Although this is not legal advice - this is an encouragement to all men. You HAVE rights.

Use them.

Edit: here’s a link to our announcement:

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Title PSA: "Female Only Listings" on Rental Directories like AirBnB potentially ILLEGAL.
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