I’m sorry but I need to rant. Warning foul language ahead. I don’t get it, I just don’t fucking get it. I fucking hate people. So fucking much. I’m in this group chat with a bunch of people and I said how I hate taylor swift and everyone just went off saying im misogynistic just because i hate her. So what just because shes had bad things happen you have to love her and treat her like a queen. It doesn’t make any sense. Then I give reason as to why I dont like her(record deal shit) and they just deny it and say im misogynistic. These are the same people that hate every guy no matter what. Like do you not realize how fucking stupid that shit is. I had to just leave the group before I just went off on of them. I havent been good mentally for 10 years. 10 fucking years. I tried killing myself 2 days ago and this is the shit i get. Do girls not realize how (kill all men) hurts sometimes. Like there are good guy out there but you just push them under a rug and show off the bad ones. It’s all double standard shit. I feel like we have to be perfect and we can’t do anything wrong. But I know im not good enough to do that. I’m sorry I just needed to rant somewhere because I have nobody. Thank you if you read this. This felt a lot better then a gun to my head.