Heard a lecture by a mom in her mid 40s about her princess daughter and what she should expect out of a marriage. It triggered the hell out of me. This family is run by women and it is a narcissistic cesspool. There is not one accomplished member. Not one college graduate, though few started, and only one of a handful of women holding down a meaningful job.

But there is a lot of talk among them about what men SHOULD do for women, and a lot of derision about “real” men. All of which sounds like Pavlovian dogs being fed sex for their work. It’s pathetic. And I would like to say it’s the only example. But it’s not. I’ve seen a few of similar examples.

Edit. I also know other families where women are highly competent, partners in a law firm and highly successful business women. I just don’t think enough attention is drawn to aggressively lazy women who shame men into traditional roles. That was my point.