I just got back from a 3 hour talk with a PHD in theology. I got nowhere (athiest) and was mostly there just for my mom who I thought was trying to break away from the church. The talk was horrible, he tried using arguments from authority and just wanted to avoid topics (like genesis) that I thought were very relevant to the conversation.

At the end, nothing changed. I was still an athiest, my mom was still religious and the guy was still a PHD. I was pretty upset (not at the result of the conversation but just that it got nowhere. Not ONE point was made or addressed by him as to why I should believe in god.)

I got back home and talked with my girlfriend's mom, who is a secular feminist. We agreed on everything with the religion. It is brainwashing, horrible, power based, no lets etc etc.

Then, since I was still mad I brought up how religion is just like feminism and social justice.

Cue a complete repeat of the argument I JUST FUCKING HAD with the PHD again, with my mother in law. She brought up how women have it worse because

  • women have to carry their keys at night (I countered by saying men are more likely to be assaulted and I carry my keys at night and bought pepper spray)

  • that she was molested (I countered by saying I had part of my fucking penis cut off)

  • that she made less than a guy did at work (I brought up female scholarships, graduation rates and that I got no help through highschool or college)

She just got mad at me after that and didn't want to talk anymore.

I am not a radical. I don't think that women have no problems, I know they do. Men ALSO do. Women don't inherently have it worse off, but people like to just ignore my problems entirely.

Some similarities

  • God = love and love = God (no real definition of either) and any bad act god does still is good because God = love

  • Feminism = equality, equality = helping everyone but women are the ones that need help the most RIGHT NOW even though we can't list anything women are specifically getting shit on in society that men aren't also getting fucked over by. World ends, women hurt most mentality.

IDK guys. I just can't stand this fucking world anymore. I love conversations about this stuff, but people are just so headstrong in what they think and in both cases IMO it's very harmful. Religion and Feminism/SJW control what you can think about reality and influence your actions.

I am pro abortion because I am pro freedom, but for men and women. My mom (religious) is anti abortion for both men and women because of her perceived superior morality... and my mother in law (SJW) is only for abortion for women, cause men should "Keep it in their pants"

I just don't know what to do right now. This world drive me insane.