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Discrimination against men isn't a thing, or at least it's not the thing that libertarian/right wing dudes want to say it is.

I see a lot of people saying "don't say men are trash. Its discrimination, and discrimination against anyone is bad!" Which, yeah. Don't be dicks to people for no reason and treat everyone with respect. Sure. But "kill all men" is in no way comparable to "kill all -insert slur here-"

Let me break down why.

Point one, the obvious difference is that there is not a slur for the cis male population. No one hates them enough to create a derogatory term for their existence. "But cis male is a slur!" Shut the fuck up.

Point two, the vast majority of people do not really hate men. It is not a statement rooted in true belief, but in nihilistic doomsday humor. (That doesn't necessarily make it okay, but it is a distinction.) Sure, there are probably outliers like radical feminists, but a key discrepancy between a feminist who hates men and a white supremacist who hates poc is that feminists haven't lynched men. No one is being discriminated against or killed because a "wombmyn" on the internet said she thinks men are trash. Her attitude may be shitty, but you are still free to live your life as a man without fear or consequence. You will not be and have never been murdered, assaulted, fired, evicted, harassed, barred from businesses, political offices, marriage, or adoption because you are a man, period.

Men have issues they can fight for, don't get me wrong. Toxic masculinity suppressing interests and expression in the name of being manly enough is 100% something to get fired up about. So is the societal pressure to suppress your emotions to a point where men are driven to suicide at the highest rates. But someone on the internet saying "men bad" is not. Because unlike the counterpart of "slur bad", no body is inciting violence or hate. The impact and intention behind the phrases are so different. One is fueled with years genuine disgust and hatred that gets people hurt, while the other is mild discomfort with a situation. They are not the same.

This is not necessarily in defense of statements like "men are trash," but rather shedding light on the fact that these statements are not in any way examples of discrimination or oppression, and are not comparable to the discrimination and oppression that minorities face.

(This entire thing rings true if you replace men with white people btw.)

Edit: I also don't understand why this is pinned.

Posted by lzrdmnd | 20 January 2021 | Link