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Say it with me: kids! Can’t! Consent!

December 20, 2021

Just because the victim was a 14 year old boy who thought it was cool at first and had sex “willingly” with his 30 year old female teacher, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a rape.

Rape is about consent. If other doesn’t give a consent, it’s a rape. That why you can’t have sex with a sleeping person. Also just not saying yes or being silent isn’t a consent.

And that’s why it’s a rape when you ahve send with someone who can’t give a consent. Like someone who is mentally disabled. Guess who also can’t consent; kids!

Why is it so hard to understand???? I’m so sick of this double standard that media is pulling out of their ass when it comes to boys. All these people are saying is that kids can consent when they say “well the boy wanted it”

Edit: And just because it’s techie legal, doesn’t mean it’s morally correct. If you are a man/woman who searches for kids that are “easy to get” and work at place full of kids, there is something wrong with you.

The fact that even if 2 adults consent but the other asks to stop in middle of the sex and you don’t stop, that’s still rape. So why is it, that having sex with a person, who mentally isn’t capable of consenting, is seen as “just having sex”?

Just because you are “more powerful” that the other, doesn’t mean you can’t be raped. Ever heard of manipulating? “Well they were flirting and sexting.” And who’s fault is that? Do you go to other victims and tell them “well why did you wear that skirt? Why were you out at night? Why did you drink the drink he/she gave to you? Why didn’t you scream?” No, you don’t.

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