Is my friend circle shitty or is this the general attitude towards men?

Short story, not humble bragging. I was always an out of shape guy but over the past 3 years I've transformed my self to a quite lean guy with visible abs. Once in a couple of months I (used to) share my gym pic on Facebook .

Initially , or atleast till I was losing weight I used to get positive feedback. Today after 4 months, I posted a gym selfie in which I kinda looked buff. I was expecting some encouraging comments but the majority of comments had such a negitive sentiment to it.

  • "We get it, you lift ".

  • " Great work, but stop being so self obsessed"

  • " Narcissitic ;) "

While the caption might be a bit douchy , it was meant to be as a light hearted joke.

On the other end of the specturm , some of my lady friends have been getting fatter by every profile pic and update their profile every week or so, with a stolen "motivational" quote ["You can do anything blah blah if you really want it"] and yet every comment on their picture is of how "cute" , "wonderful" etc they're looking.

To be fair, this was on Facebook. On instagram, I've gotten nothing but postive response to the same picture.