Crosspost "Why does a single woman's behaviour "represent all women" but a single man's behaviour is "not all men"" from /r/TwoXChromosomes:

I'm going to use false rape accusations as my example to explain what I mean. So about 2% of rape accusations made by women are false, although it's most likely a way lower percentage as true rapes are grossly underreported. And yet, that less than 2% is now indicative of all women? Now the over 98% of actual rape accusations are all false? Anytime a woman talks about being assaulted it's false? Now men can't "go and even ask a woman for the time without being accused of rape" . First of all, men don't just go up to random women in public because due to past experiences with men, many of us will assume the worst, and we can't afford to assume the best because that can get us hurt or killed.

But somehow in this men are the victims? Yes obviously lying about rape is disgusting and you should be punished for it and i feel for people who have been falsely accused. But some people believe people who lie should receive life in prison, when so many actual rapists never see the inside of a jail cell, let alone get life sentences. When women fear men and assume the worst from them, men are suddenly the victim? Oh we can't even talk to a woman or it's assault, NOT ALL MEN! Statistically men are much more likely to assault women than women assault men (although yes it does happen). After years of being catcalled, followed, harassed and threatened even from a very young age, most women can't trust strangers. It can be dangerous. If a man asks us in public to help him jump his car, he could be genuine but how do we know he won't assualt us? We have to be proactive to protect ourselves and part of being proactive is unfortunately having to assume the worst

So how is it that when a tiny minority of women lie about rape, it's suddenly "oh all women lie" "don't talk to a woman or she will accuse you" but when a woman is fearful of a male stranger, she's also the victim because "not all men". Instead of focusing on how "awful" women are because they have to fear strangers to protect themselves and have to "arm themselves to stay safe", why don't they ask themselves why women feel this way? Most of these men will be father's to daughters one day, do they want their daughters to feel the same way?

Edit: i appreciate all your kind words but I would appreciate if you didn't call me sis or she. I'm an afab nb and i use they/them pronouns

Posted by gr33nh3at | 28 January 2021 | Link