Misandry at its finest:

Men who present to the ED with injuries inflicted by their female partners have a high rate of domestic violence perpetration. This information calls into question whether many male "victims" of domestic violence are injured in self-defense by the female "victim." Also, injury by a female partner may be a useful indicator to identify batterers, so they can be referred by appropriate resources.

Feminist studies work thos way:

1)When women present themselve with injuries, don't ask them anything about their perpetration and believe them: they are victims

2)When men present themselve with injuries, ask them anything about their perpetration and if they did hit their wife, conclude they are perpetrators and that women hit them in self defense.

3)Ask women about their perpetration, use 2) to conclude that it is self defense.

4)Ask men about their victimization, use 3) to conclude that they are in fact perpetrators

This is how academia is parasited by misandry and anti male victims.