I was able to find a paper on male strippers' experiences :


IT IS FULL OF MISANDRIST SHIT (double standard agression and why women going to strip club is not the same as when do it) but you should read the part called "AGGRESSIVE WOMEN". Some quotes from it:

she completely scratched me [...]the guys are like, ‘‘You’re bleeding.’’ she didn’t get kicked out. There have also been times when girls just grab your penis... and they grab hard.

Hero, a 29-year-old stripper,

One girl attempted to put her finger up my butthole [...] It’s like they think they can do anything they want.

"she pulled his G-string away from his rear-end, and attempted to shove a dollar bill into his anus."

"She was going crazy ... like physically. Scratching me and biting. Biting my ass, my thighs, my arms, like whatever she could grab. I got bit on my ass and it was purple for a week. It wasn’t a bachelorette party ... it was just a regular night. You never know where they’re coming from "

Hercule a stripper

I think a lot of women kinda get off on degrading us

Matt a stripper

Women are a lot more aggressive than the men are. They really are. They try to take my clothes completely off. [...] You have really aggressive women and I didn’t know that. It’s very intimidating. One time this woman was tugging at my [underwear]. I don’t have anything under there, like there’s no G-string or anything. So some people really try to pull them off and they’re really aggressive. They try to bite you too. Like any girl that gets too close ... I have to push them away. It gets me more uncomfortable because I’m already uncomfortable.

Calib, a 27-year-old Hawaiian performer

But it is feminist bullshit study. Full of thing about patriarchy, power etc. The part about female aggression is a minor part of the paper and is not even analyzed except to say: men are stronger and agressive women give more tips.

Edit: An example of double standards.

https://ibb.co/MRX929B (this is a screen of their T&C)

These two website (one for male strippers, one for female strippers), belongs to the same company. The T&C are exactly the same except that the female one has that line:

"If the contractor is touched intentionally/inappropriately they have full rights to leave the booking without refund of payment."

Obviously the male one don't. Knowing that the rest is identical, it has probably been erased on purpose.