About murders:

"Male offenders receive a 6.2 year longer sentence than female offenders if the victim is female and a 6.9 year longer sentence if the victim is male. Killing a woman also results in a substantially longer sentence. For male offenders, killing a woman increases the sentence length by 4.2 years. For female offenders, killing a woman results in a 4.9 year longer sentence."

Therefore if you are a male murderer, you are punished harder. Whatever you sex, if you murder a woman, you are punished harder.

About drivers who kill someone:

"In the Bureau of Justice Statistics data, the gap for male offenders between male victims and female victims is 5.1 years"

If you run over a man, you will get a 5.1 years shorter sentences, than if you kill a women. It means 53% shorter sentence.