The purpose of this study was to examine the association between LA aggression (eg false accusations, restraining orders, using social workers, etc.) as a form of IPV and the mental health of male victims of physical IPV who seek help and their children. LA aggression was associated with poorer mental health in adult male victims and the children who live or have lived in homes where LA aggression victimization was experienced by their fathers. Our results indicated that actual LA aggression, was uniquely associated with male IPV victims’ PTSD and depression symptoms, above the influence of past traumatic experiences and other forms of IPV in the men’s relationship. The fact that this form of IPV is uniquely associated with poor mental health in male victims represents a new finding, and the mechanisms for why this association exists requires further research. It is known that LA aggression can have dire consequences for male victims, such as losing custody of their children, jeopardizing their financial stability, and ruining their reputation at work or in their community. Major adverse life events and social shame are also associated with negative mental health outcomes, such as depression. The current findings also indicated that both threats and actual acts of LA aggression were uniquely associated with affective and oppositional defiant problems in school-aged children. The current study indicates that LA aggression can contribute to children’s maladjustment beyond other forms of IPV occurring in the parental relationship.

TLDR: LA aggression (False accusations), beyond other form of violence, uniquely impact men's and their children's mental health. The impacts of LA aggression are difference from the impacts of other form of abuse.

Edit: The Mental Health of Male Victims and Their Children Affected by Legal and Administrative Partner Aggression - Joshua L. Berger, Emily M. Douglas, and Denise A. Hines - AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR Volume 42, pages 346–361 (2016)