The truth is, the reason that Gillette ad garnered so much attention from soy boys, feminists, and even some legitimate manly men is because we’ve abdicated the responsibility of mentoring the younger generation of men. When boys grow up with nothing more than social media telling them who and what they ought to be, then hipsters working at brands like Gillette feel the need to fill the gap in telling our young men what manhood is. We cannot let this be.

See an effeminate young boy at school that just seems confused, who you know has ZERO role models at home? Take him to the gym or to the movies or shooting or for a run or ANYWHERE, but show him that it’s ok to be a MAN and embrace your aggression, and passion, and physical prowess in a productive way. Men stick up for the oppressed, and men are not afraid to ask a hairy, angry feminist what in flying hell she is talking about in regards to “toxic masculinity?” Be a man. Be strong. Your society needs you to embrace your masculinity, not reject it.

See a guy at work who dresses feminine, is always getting roasted by the girls, and is always down on himself? Invite him over to watch football (or whatever, I’m not saying football=masculinity, but it’d be way less awkward than just sitting there talking over a nice chai latte). Be a man; be tough, be gruff, be STRONG, and stop letting society’s soy boys tell you that your inner urge for aggression, and dominion, and leadership are toxic. They aren’t. Our society is the way it is in 2019 not because there is too much masculinity, but because there is virtually none.

Long story short; take the confused, lost, broken young men of our world, who are consistently being broken down, shamed, and made to feel defective, and show them that manhood is a virtue. Masculinity is a virtue. Use your powers for good. And when someone asks what you thought of the Gillette ad, tell them you don’t take your life cues from effeminate computer riders in Brooklyn who get PTSD from sharp objects.

A lot of you are super manly dudes. The younger guys need you. Take them under your wing and show them the productive, society-leading, constant-pursuit-of-excellence side of being a man.

If we fill this gap, Gillette will just be talking to themselves and nobody will be listening. If we don’t, our young will continue to be mentored by big corporations who hate everything masculine.

Be a man. Be strong. Take a younger man under your wing and show him that masculinity is far from toxic; in fact, it’s beautiful, necessary, and a blessing to a society.

AROOOOOOGHA (grunt/chant)