Gilette’s ad is not about the message, it’s about the money.

Using the principle of polarity, they invoke volatile topics to garner recognition, and infamy.

Do you think Gillette really cares about politics? No. They don’t give two shakes of a fuck. They care about their bottom line.

It doesn’t matter to them if you agree or disagree, only that you feel and react, and talk, or preferably shout.

Divisive tactics like this are used everywhere, and poor fools fall victim. I would bet anything that amid the chaos, Gillette is seeing increase in their profit margin.

The moral corruption comes in the form of mental programming. It forces you to pick a side, to polarize yourself. It divides, it drives people apart.

Femininity and masculinity are becoming tools large corporations use against their consumers, just as it is a tool politicians use to get your vote.

When men and women fight among each other , (something only the priveleged can care about, really. People struggling to eat don’t really give a fuck about anything but survival) it becomes much harder to come together for real, positive change. Climate, the increase gap in wealth and poverty, wars being fought, surveillance and privacy infringement, to name but a few.

Don’t be fooled, don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in your polarity that you become easily manipulated.

If you know what pushes someone’s buttons, you can control them.

The best a man can get.