Hi all,

Back in August, I was having some drinks one evening in the bar patio with a couple of dozen younger friends, and was pulled up by a 20-something friend - who otherwise considers himself a Conservative, despite hailing from a very leftist area - and his female friend, about a t-shirt I had on, depicting nubile women, shall we say, approaching states of undress.

You guessed it - I got the usual patter about "Objectifying", "Sex objects" etc.

I replied, "Guys - it's Saturday night. This is a public house (bar). You have to be 18 and over to be drinking here, so we're all grownups and can handle a little skin, especially as there's no genitalia or nipples depicted." My friend launched into a diatribe about women's "feelings"...you can guess I steered the convo onto other matters pretty quick.

Now, in summer, I wear such t-shirts precisely because so few people do, because there are so few left available in the shops. Because our rights to do what we men do are under ceaseless attack. This is my way of flying the flag, or rather, wearing it. And I've been doing so a decade, now.

This was the 2nd, maybe third young woman in that time who has expressed distaste. One bi girl expressed lust over a particularly attractive girl displayed, and we had a chuckle, TOGETHER - two very different people - about taking it in turns with the girl. Share and share alike.... :) But I digress.

The point is this....where is the reasonable, yet outspoken, contingent of women? It's often said that the heaviest brains are the quietest. The ones who would give a lucid, cogent insight into the way they view my t shirts. Or view anything.

The ones who'd say, "Look mate, we women don't want to be considered weak or neurotic, but the truth is yes, we ARE physically weaker, more prone to depression/neuroses etc, we don't play Chess, Darts, or drive F1 with even a tenth of the success of men or half of us suffer from body dysmorphia, some of us are feminists who are sore seeing so many naked women, and some of us are outright jealous of these young fitties because we can't have such powerful attraction to men. And of course you have a small minority of women, a tiny minority even, who don't suffer any of the aforementioned hangups, and think it's a healthy male libido that appreciates womanly curves, drum tight skin and thick, long, lustrous hair".

Yeah, a few of you guys are laughing right now - and a fewer still gnashing your teeth in anger - at the thought of a woman (n)ever uttering such deep, and frank truths. Yet I'm CONVINCED such women exist, millions of them even, but in a collective state of fear, only daring to tell the truth to those lucky enough to be their husbands, sons, brothers and even rarer best male friends. Their collective silence, I would submit to you, is WORSE than the feminists; the latter at least leave you in no doubt about their stupidity, but what about OUR right to have sense about women coming from all angles including from women?

(on a wider perspective, society's nasty habit of withholding the truths that are painful for everyone in the short term but beneficial to the recipient long term, whilst disguising it as "Politeness", is something I find deeply immoral - but sadly that's outside the scope of this sub)

For a gender that prides itself on its communication skills, women are staggeringly poor at relaying exactly what bothers them. I suspect that to do so, in this case, would first require them to self-analyze to an extremely uncomfortable degree, the ultimate conclusions exposing them to their hypocrisy - those being that despite their protestations of equality, they were never equal, and never going to be equal. That lack of honesty, with us men in particular and with themselves in general, imo, is one of womanhood's greatest modern failures - perhaps its greatest.