TL;DR I'm again being made aware of the Growing Toxicity of The Samaritans UK towards men and the massive shift in attitudes, conduct and negation of male callers unless they fall into a narrow Gynocentric path and Pronounce their Feelz upon demand and in line with the Samaritans required responses. Failure to comply with hidden rules results in abuse and BANNING from accessing Support. Men in distress should seek support from The CALM Zone.

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I wondered at the actions of Char Varah, the Vicar who founded the Samaritans in 1953 when he withdrew support because the Samaritans UK tried to turn itself into Social Force For Therapy. Vara also spoke of the Political Intrigues and infighting that were about control and not about the Suicidal.

In recent times Chad Varah went so far as to say of the organisation, “It’s no longer what I founded. I founded an organisation to offer help to suicidal or equally desperate people. The last elected chairman re-branded the organisation. It was no longer to be an emergency service, it was to be emotional support”
Anthony J. Jordan (2008). The Good Samaritans: Memoir of a Biographer. Westport Books. ISBN 978-0-9524447-5-6.

Chad Vara divorced himself from Samaritans as they were trading on his name, position and notoriety. He was honest and a person of integrity. It is a pity that the organisation he set up and created had grown so large his Integrity in walking away was dwarfed my the Mythology created around the Samaritans.

Each time I read Vara's own words, I'm reminded of how some playing long games work to evict the honest from organisations they have founded so that the Integers beliefs and politics are given supremacy. You only have to look at Erin Pizzey for that one to be clear.

I'm again receiving far too many comments and reports of the Samaritans UK denying their services to men in the UK and of abuse by Samaritans.

I'm aware that the Samaritans have in recent years been haemorrhaging volunteers due to Gynocentric Focus and changes across the organization. In the last five years so many have walked away because they have disagreed with the beliefs and patterns of conduct being imposed upon them as Volunteers. A Number of Ex-Samaritans I have spoken to speak of how every branch has had to carry its load of Middle Aged, Middle-Class Women who were more interested in the image of being a Samaritan than doing the hard work and heavy lifting. In many cases Narcissism reigns.

There is a Hardcore group of Volunteers who are Gynocentricaly sexist and these are unfortunately the group that are not leaving. The bias is growing due to those who have grown tired of the bias and fighting it leaving the organisation. Many talk of distress and exasperation but also an unwillingness to speak out as they don't want the Samaritans Damaged whilst the Charity's Beneficiaries (the callers) are being thrown under the bus unless they conform to growing antimale and pro gynocentric bias.

The Samaritans latest in house training does not even explain that men and women often communicate issues of distress, emotions and need differently. The Organisation is now 100% Gynocentrically focused and should be viewed as Toxic to Men. Men have to be like women or they are wasting Samaritan's Time and resources.

Samaritans even ignore the differences in Suicidal Trajectory between men and women, with women growing suicidal and acting over long periods of time and men doing the same over a period of 72 hours. If they were up to speed they would be Realy Listening to male callers and not abusing them with bias from badly trained and biases volunteers.

It is no secret that in the last few years the Samaritans have had to change as they have taken a more Gynocentric Stance, shifting practice and policy to the Men Must Talk About Feelings Model, but now they have front volunteers telling men to call back and when they call back they are told their telephone number is blocked and they won't be connected.

Like any phone based helpline service, they have standards and processes to prevent abuse, but it seems that Men are Dispraportiantly being blocked from accessing the service because of the female Samaritans using their privileged position to abuse men who they decide they don't like.

There has been concern for years that the Supposed Expert Academic Input that the Samaritans receive and seek is from individuals with Pro-feminist Bias and who Ignore evidence that contradicts such bias. The Samaritans are massively invested in the Meam of Toxic Masculinity and this bias infects all of their present work, policies, practices, training and service delivery by volunteers.

One point that has been noted over the years is how Samaritans seek to recruit volunteers to fit the latest fashions. They have had recruitment drives aimed at Women and DV, GAY men and The Trans Communities, they have aimed their recruiting to refugee groups and yet they still have not aimed their recruiting at the largest group - Men! The vast majority of volunteers and staff are female but The Samaritans still are not addressing the discrimination in their own ranks. Samaritans supposedly promote Equality, but only Equality as they know it and desire it.

Samaritans have been known for some time to have certain prefered academics to advise them, and many have noted how the prefered academics only further the in-house and growing Gynocentric Biases. It is a pity that Samaritans admit that there is a massive lack of knowledge on suicide and yet do not seek expertise widely. It's common sense to seek a wide field of input when knowledge is lacking rather than sticking with narrow biased sources of input and then claim Authority and Knowledge from just one slither of pie whilst ignoring all the rest of the pie.

Over the years I have received far too many reports of Misconduct and abuse by Samaritans of men in distress. From (1) the Female Samaritans accusing callers of being sex offenders because they were in tears and could hardly speak - to (2) the male victims of Domestic Violence being told by female Samaritans that Women don't attack unless provoked and it was him who was the abuser - to (3) the Samaritan telling the suicidal guy that he wasn't really suicidal because men get on with it and women need real help whilst he is supposedly wasting the Samaritans time.

The latest rash of reports predominantly revolve around the demands of Female Samaritans that the male caller must communicate Feelings upon demand and in the right way for the female else calls will be terminated. When male callers res[pond to growing antagonism, negativity and even frankly abusive tone and words from the female Samaritan they are accused of sexism, abusiveness etc and t6hen call terminated.

I know of one caller who reports he has been banned from contacting Samaritans as "He" terminated the call due to the abusive and rude way he was being treated. He had a recording of the call and was advised by Samaritans that he could no longer contact them with his phone number blocked.... because they seem to object to there being evidence of misconduct by their volunteers.... especially sexism and rudeness by female volunteers.

There are common memes and phrases being used to negate the caller. One that features heavily and is used to negate the male caller is "You seem to not understand the Purpose of Samaritans". In other words, the Samaritan has expectations of You that they do not communicate, but use the caller's failure to comply as a reason to abuse and cut off communication.

Another ploy is to tell the caller that they are talking too much and that the Female Samaritans is not being allowed to speak - with implications of Mansplaining thrown in for good measure.

One caller explained to me that he was repeatedly spoken down to as if he was incompetent and when he asked to not be spoken down to (He does have a Phd in Engineering) he was accused of being rude and the phone slammed down. Far from him being rude he was shocked at the way he was spoken down to. He was not asked questions about himself and his situation, just treated as a child and even told what an emotion was by someone he described as a "Demented Kindergarten Teacher with control issues".

He studied the Samaritan's website and found their supposed Complaints Procedure and submitted a complaint. After 6 months it remains unaddressed, even though it was acknowledged as received. That patterns peaks of internal disarray and bad management more than anything else.

It appears that should a male caller terminate a call because he is being subjected to Abusive, coercive and improper control by a (female) Samaritan this will result in services being withdrawn and phone numbers blocked.

All too often it appears that such blocking originates from reports by female Samaritans of the male caller being involved in misconduct when in fact it's the Female Samaritan who is covering up their bias, misconduct and Abusive Behaviour.

Of Most Concern are the growing number of reports of Failure and Negligence by Samaritans. The most important question to ask any person who may be suicidal is "Are You Suicidal?" - the second most important is "Have you attempted suicide?". Those two questions are the most important is assessing suicidality and risk. That I am receiving reports of Samaritans not asking this question (Central To Training) and when callers have said they are suicidal and have failed in past attempts they are then dismissed is alarming and indicating systemic failure by Samaritans.

I have received one report of a gent challenging this with the Samaritan on the phone and being told they were abusive. They were also abused by the Female Samaritan when they highlighted the gendered nature of Suicide and were told that it was not true that more men ended their lives by suicide than women. It would appear that it is not always safe to be speaking to Samaritans who replace actual reality with their own beliefs and biases when neither of those should ever be part of any call.

Most worrying is that Callers who are blocked are told to call Samaritans HQ and discuss support needs. Those who have called report they are met with suspicion, negation and even hostility. One guy reports he was asked if he was not just wasting time whilst dealing with a total loss of his life, marriage, access to children, business bankruptcy and facing street homelessness. He reported that the Female Samaritan's HQ Staff were rude, suspicious, negating and openly hostile - not very good practice when dealing with the Suicidal.

He was met with Incomprehensible Jargon (Passive-Aggressive Communication) and gross assumption, asked questions that he had no idea why they were being asked and which seemed to be based upon reports made about him. When asking the Samaritan HQ Staff members to stop and rewind to address evident bias this was met with the accusation against him he was not allowed to address, and a statement that support would be blocked on his phone number for 12 months.

Talk about abuse and misuse of an Imbalance of Power.

It is very alarming that so many portals for support keep telling distressed men to call Samaritans where they are all too often abused. One Guy dealing with a female stalker was told by the Samaritan that there was no such thing as a Female Stalker. Another suffering domestic abuse and violence and tired from seeking help was told to leave and leave his kids behind.

It would seem that the Samaritans from Top to Bottom are infected with Toxic Gynocentrism and Male Negation and outright Hate. Samaritan Training furthers Bias and Gynocentrism making it ever harder for men to gain support from an organisation that claims to Listen.

I have said for a very long time that the Samaritans was not a safe place for men in distress and who are suicidal. The latest batch of reports makes that belief stronger than ever.

Any Guy in the UK in need of support and who is suicidal should be wary of The Samaritans and should they be abused and treated in a sexist fashion may well find they are denied access to The Samaritans as they block access and blame him.

Whilst some may be unhappy with this comment (and through ignorance and made memes spread by others stupidly lash out), but presently the only place in the UK which is safe for Men to seek support, especially when suicidal, is The CALM Zone.

In dialogue with people from CALM they have been happy to report the Massive Growth of people using their service. Whilst their service is aimed at Young Men, they have found themselves dealing with unprecedented growth in calls from older men, disabled men, men dealing with marital breakdown etc. CALM was unaware of the changes in Conduct and Treatment by Samaritans of callers. It seems that Samaritans are driving Male callers away to male-centric Services because Samaritans is no longer safe for males to use.

CALM zone have call handlers who are trained to a very high degree, and if they find a Call handler being sexist, rude, abusive or attacking a caller they are removed immediately and not subjected to retraining but not allowed access to vulnerable callers ever again. CALM zone also ensure that call handlers are up to speed on Reality and not Gynocentric memes and decades of Feminist Driven research. Its interesting to speak to CALM and find they are aware of many callers seeking info and support across the net and coming to CALM with upto date figures from the Manosphere concerning social issues and male bias. Far From CALM being a promoter of Toxic-Masculinity as an excuse to ignore men, they are aware of the issues and how it's used to negate and deny men's lives and agency.

The Samaritans Brand allows much abuse and negative behind the scenes conduct and even attracts Funding for Suicide prevention. In 2018 they were given £1.8 Million by the UK government.

It's a pity that no other funding was given to Charities who are doing the heavy Lifting and supporting men.