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The Normalization Of Men Being Treated Like Monsters Is Awful

December 2, 2022

I was on the bus the other day and this old guy took a seat next to a young woman. The woman IMMEDIATELY got up and went to go sit on another seat (which was next to a woman).

What really outraged me was the complete lack of shame that was displayed by her. She didn't even wait 1 or 2 minutes to make it look less obvious. Because in her mind, this behavior is ok because " men aren't a marginalized group " or some BS like that.

And this is something I see almost every time I take public transport. Young women refusing to sit next to old men.

Why is this behavior considered ok in society? I live in a very liberal city. Had this been an interracial situation (A black person who sat next to a white person), nobody would have dared even thinking about doing that. And if they had, it would have turned into a local news story. It's almost like.......people don't have an independent brain that is capable of forming new thoughts. They need to be mass programmed by the media/culture to know what is rude and what isn't.

I see the same thing happening whenever men on Reddit complain about being treated like creeps by women even though they haven't done anything. The standard response is: " Well women live life with more risk than men so they're generally more watchful and paranoid. Don't take it seriously. ".

But if its a minority complaining about white people locking their car doors whenever he walks by........that's a legitimate issue. You could use the same reasoning there btw (" People are just watchful of their cars ").

Whenever men complain about this kind of discrimination, we're told that we're in the wrong for even complaining about this. Like we need to lectured as to why we're being treated this way and why its " OK " for men to continue being treated this way. " bEcUz mEn hAvE aLl tHe pOwEr aNd pAtRiArChY "

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