I have to start with just acknowledging the positives of being a man. This post is not about wishing to be anything else. This post is about how being a man has negatives that are difficult to be shared.

Difficult to be shared because society has shaped men to be strong. Which isn't unappreciated, strength is a basic attribute anyone would want. But this view comes at a cost.

Over countless generations this show of strength has become almost a necessity to be validated by not just the opposite sex but by your own too. An expectation that becomes full time.

I think I'm not alone to think that this pressure of always being strong is a tiring (physically and psychologically) exercise. Added to that, the fear of appearing weak, a typically unattractive and frowned upon quality contributes to an ever growing pressure of societal expectations.

I'm sure I am not the only man right now that feels sad, jaded, dejected or any other feeling we're too embarrassed to admit. Which is why I'm looking for advice on how to find a balance between admitting my weaknesses without losing the strength and confidence I have worked all my life to achieve.