There’s no concept of toxic femininity in mainstream culture. Toxic masculinity is everywhere, news, commercials, general vocabulary. I feel that's because the phase “To be a Women” doesn’t mean more than that you’re a women. The phrase “To be a Man” (to be masculine) means a lot more than being of a gender. It means strength and courage and a 1000 other good things.

The bad things that are attributed to toxic masculinity, women do too. When women do it it's not attributed to toxic femininity, but no-one is holding up women to be more than a woman because they are a women. More is expected of you when you say you’re a man, and that’s a good thing. That’s why I decided to embrace the term Toxic Masculinity.
Let’s keep the negative attributes assigned to toxic masculinity and keep the positive to being masculine, or to being a man and keep the idea that being a man is more than a gender.