Think of the men's rights movement as a teflon car. There are all kinds of groups out there, trying desperately to throw their favorite paint color on it, trying to make it look their way.

Man-haters throw the misogyny accusation on it...unthinking lefties accuse it of being homophobic (even though a substantial number of members of this forum are gay), or racist (even though African-american men frequently have it rougher from their female counterparts than others) or even ableist...alt-right people try to paint it as an ally, even though you can look at things from a left-wing perspective and still be pro-masculine.

But the paint just doesn't stick. The number of people who agree with MRM values has grown remarkably in the past five years or so, and just look at the number of people who are members of this forum. An even better example, look at the large number of people who don't necessarily paint themselves as MRA, but find the Gillette ad released last week as morally objectionable, unfair, and disgusting.

The popularity of the ideas represented by the MRM is exactly why so many people and groups are trying to repaint it their way. But it's not going to succeed in the long run, and we shouldn't let it succeed. And those core values are: equality for all, respect for the dignity of males as derived from that respect for equality; masculinity is a positive force and a vital source of personal identity and does not need to be 'fixed'. Respect for the idea that males have their own lives, their own needs, their own way of looking at the world that is no less and no more important than anybody else's.

Recognize the difference between the teflon core and the paint smeared on it by others, and keep letting that paint slide off. Certainly Gillette recognizes that by now.