Tiktok has a lot of great content, i always finding myself laughing my ass off, TBH.

However, i also see a lot of women shaking their asses, exposing a lot of skin (now im sounding conservative...), and purposely showing nipples/breasts in the name of empowerment and confidence.

The buss it down challenge is a good example.

From my perspective, this is a tactic to reap the benefits of the male gaze (validation, attention, money, etc.). They say its for confidence but in reality they are appealing to the male gaze, which fuels the behavior since men are such simps nowaday. Then it seems men are shamed for their sexuality.

My question is: is this self-imposed objectification? I feel very confused, because i don't view women as objects, however when i see women doing these buss it down challenges and seeing them shake their tiddays, i can't help but feel a urge to smash. I feel like my mind is being manipulated. "You can't view a woman as something you just want to have sex with!" But i don't view women as an object to have sex with, i view them as a sexual and highly attractive WOMAN i want to have sex with. This in mind, our sexuality is being exploited. We are told that if we view women this way, we are objectifying them, however only psychopaths view people as objects or tools to be used and discarded (don't women view men as povider-tools?). What this means is that male sexuality is being redefined as objectification, or psychopathy. We can't view women as humans we want to mate with, but objects instead.