You may have seen the journalists raving today about the historic nature of Kamala Harris being sworn in as Vice President of the United States. These journalists are right, but for the wrong reasons.

The journalists are gushing about Kamala Harris being the first woman to become Vice President, but that is not actually her achievement. She didn't earn that one. Her actual achievement is being the first Vice President to be handed the job via affirmative action. Instead of explaining the exact details myself, I will refer you to this post by a well-informed Redditor who explains the issue much better than I could.

So in short, we should celebrate Kamala Harris not as America's first female Vice President, but rather as the first affirmative action Vice President of the United States. Always remember that she was handed the job for checking all the right boxes in a way that no other contender was able to do by the "merit" of the genetics she inherited by being born. That is quite an achievement like no other.

Well done, Kamala. Well done.