That Gillette Ad and Toxic Masculinity 10 min

6:38 "Toxic Humanity" That's IT, the essential problem in a nutshell.
7:27 The future does not belong to one gender, it belongs to the machines.

We Men need to mount a stronger (more toxic) Political Harassment movement; recall the old-fashioned Men's Motto "Don't Tread on Me. Activism works. Let's DO IT!

Activism Works (for animal's rights, why not Men's Rights too?) 2008

Best Friends Animal Society

Advocating for Toxic Masculinity, as sarcastic riposte
We downtrodden men need to strike back against the Political Correctness movement, with a Toxic Resurgence. We need to rally ourselves with the Animal's Rights people and setup a shelter system for homeless Rattlesnakes. Just think of those poor, lonesome creatures slinking around without the respect they so justly deserve (because they really are toxic); just like dispossessed men in our Postmodern Society, slinking around the powerful women's lib movement which is supported by lamestream media and academia (same institutions that promote Black Lib, but note that women's voting rights (1920) lagged Black Men's voting Rights (1870) by 50 years)...

Look out, Men: Your “Toxic Masculinity” Is Now the Focus of Progressive Wrath Jan.2017

Men must learn to accept a fundamental fact of life (as certain as death) that men are more expendable to a society than women. Because a just a few men can service very many women, and women are predisposed to like it that way; 80% of women want to mate with 20% of the men (Pareto Principle of sexual market value).

That said, men need not be expendable to themselves, nor their birth families. There are many ways to make a difference, but virtue leans RIGHT.

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