Hey everyone,

I really hope you can help as I am reaching the point of beyond angry when trying to research help for men who have experienced domestic violence in the UK. There’s an added caveat in the case I am helping with (as a colleague) the male in question is on a spousal visa. Now, I’ve seen if he goes to the police and reports the DV he has a better chance of seeking leave to remain, but in his culture it’s rare a man will admit to this being the case let alone going to the police. I’m desperate to get him some security but I am hitting brick walls with research. I’ve been a longtime supporter/lurker of this sub so really hoping one of you beautiful humans will be able to suggest something.

The anger is stemming from the severe lack of help for men in the UK and elsewhere when it comes to this. I feel like I’m losing the plot because it all seems to talk about women and as a woman I am confused as to why there’s nothing/ nearly nothing for men or non binary individuals but a few small charities that can’t really provide the legal advice and support my colleague needs.

Thank you in advance.