This is why I defended Milo from one of the posters here claiming that he was 'bullying' this guy, the only thing is the morons actually posted up the video in full context and even posted a transcript of what he said.

Think on this, think on how stupid they consider all of you, they expect you to just read their opinions and accept nothing else as fact. I hope that fucker doesn't return, there needs to be far more SJWs like him running with their tail between their legs and getting out of university to places where they have no power and can't bother anyone and use the government to attack people, let them try and survive out in the real world, they won't last a second.

This is absolute classic behaviour from people who harass others at any school, they go around being as horrible as they can towards anybody that doesn't fight back, then when somebody like Milo comes along and does fight back, they play the victim and it's normally as with all these things, that the person who stand up for themselves gets the blame from people who don't know the full story or they just automatically side with the person who cried first.

“I’m sitting there and I hear him say ‘Justine Kramer’ and I just froze up. I have never, ever, ever been more terrified in my life of being outed. Ever.

Because you're a conniving little shit who has never had to face the consequences of harassing people like you do in your entire life and you know your time is up.